Discount Golf Vacations

Heading out for a golf vacation might sound like something that isn’t easily affordable, but thanks to the availability of increasingly popular discount golf vacations, almost anyone can now pretend they are Tiger Woods at Pebble Beach – at least once. The popularity of golf has exploded during the last few years, especially as the post World War II generation ages and begins to retire. And thanks to relatively inexpensive options, there are now more “must play” golf courses than available even five years ago.

Chip Shot – 3 Simple Tips

The chip shot can save your score card in what is an otherwise bad round. The ability to fire in a shot from fifty or sixty yards to within a few feet of the hole is what separates the good from the ugly.This ability is not something that any one is born with but something that even Tiger had to spend hours, even years developing. You can develop it too although you may not spend as much time as Tiger.

101 Reasons You Need to Take Golf Vacations in 2008

2008 is new, seize the time to enjoy golf vacations. Here are 101 reason why you should.

What Exactly Is Fitness Training For Golf?

Want to improve your golf score? Try improving your fitness level first. You golf score will thank you for it.

Grooved Golf Swing – How To Read The Greens

When you step onto the green do you have a really good way of reading the path to the cup? Here is a really good routine that you can follow. It will result in you sinking many more puts than you do now. With putting, anything that helps is great isn’t it?

Golf Tees – A Fun Look At One More Area For A Competitive Advantage!

As with other aspects of golf equipment, the number of options an avid golfer has for choosing a golf tee has increased dramatically. A quick and humerus look at the different types of golf tees and the competitive advantage they bring to the course.

Create a Plan For Your Golf Improvement

Golfers need to come up with a plan and stick with it if they want to see improvement. Golf is like any other sport, and that means preparing to play your best. This plan you need to come up with should have a fitness element. Incorporating both strength and stretching into your golf plan will give you much better results.

The Golf Swing – My Seven Step Checklist – Step 5 – Tempo

Article discusses swing Tempo and the importance to mastering a rhythmic swing. Also, suggestions on how to acquire training aids and practice techniques.

What Are the Best Golf Fitness Flexibility Programs and Golf Exercises For Your Golf Swing

Golf fitness flexibility programs and golf exercises can be very beneficial to the golf swing. We must keep in mind the golf requires you to draw the club through a long range of motion. In order to complete this athletic requirement of the golf swing correctly, one must have a certain levels of flexibility within certain muscles and joints of the body. If you are lacking flexibility in these critical muscles and joints of the body as it pertains to the golf swing, compensations will occur. To prevent such a situation a golf fitness program with the correct golf flexibility exercises for the golf swing can be of great benefit.

Augusta National Masters Tickets

If you wanna enjoy the perfect vacation you gotta get your hot lil hands on some Augusta National Masters tickets, the scenery during that time of year is absolutely unmatched with each hole having it’s own representation of mind blowing vegetation. Once again the people of Augusta Ga. begin to get themselves ready for what I like to call “the Masters tourist season” where we get to enjoy the fruitfulness of being able to show our hospitality as well as good nature to everyone who has the opportunity to lay claim to Augusta National Masters tickets.

Getting to the Golf Course in the Right Frame of Mind

Your mind can win or lose a golf game for you. If you clutter it up by not being properly prepared, you will not play anywhere near the best of your ability.

Create a Game Plan to Play Better Golf

If you want to play a golf course to the best of your ability it helps to know the course and know how you want to play it. This is particularly significant if you are going to play a competition.

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